Any EASA or UK licence holder wishing to fly a tailwheel aeroplane is required to complete ‘Differences Training’ to the satisfaction of an appropriately qualified instructor.

The Leicestershire Aero Club has an agreed syllabus for the training which is carried out at the discretion of the instructor. There is no formal test or check flight at the end of the training.



The course is made up of the following:

  • Introduction to tailwheel basics and aeroplane familiarization
  • Take-offs and 3-point landings
  • Light crosswind techniques
  • Taxying in windy conditions and moderate crosswind techniques


The minimum requirements for the course are:

  • Minimum 5 hours flight instruction
  • Minimum 2 hours ground instruction

Your difference rating will be signed off by your instructor and is valid for the duration of the pilot’s flying career.



£291.50 per hour dual (Super Decathlon)

If not already a Leicestershire Aero Club member then a monthly membership fee of £42.00 is incurred while training.

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