Leicestershire Aero Club offers Tailwheel training in the club Cessna 150 Aerobat, G-TXAS.

Satisfactory completion of the course will enable the candidate to fly tailwheel aircraft.


The tailwheel endorsement does not require a minimum number of flight hours to obtain, and can possibly be accomplished efficiently and safely within a few hours of flight training. CFR 61.31(i) does, however, require at least certain manoeuvres and procedures be performed:

Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings.

Wheel landings (landing on the main gear while holding the tail off the ground).

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

  • Air Law
  • Principles of Flight
  • Human Performance & Limitations

Flight Training

  • Effects of controls
  • Making use of instruments
  • Aircraft systems that need to be monitored
  • Use of the radio and transponder
  • How circuits are flown at an airfield
  • Understand the aeronautical map
  • How to use the Emergency Services

Flight Exercises

  • Cockpit familiarisation
  • Use of radio
  • Using controls in flight
  • Flying straight and Level
  • Climb, descend and turn
  • Make a safe landing
  • Reading an aeronautical map in the air
  • A simulated emergency

The Cost

The price based on a Cessna 152 Including:

  • 8 Hours flying with an instructor
  • 10 Hours ground school
  • Monthly Club Membership
  • AOPA Flying Companions Certificate

Is: £1,365

Price for PA 28, Cessna 172 or own aircraft is available on request.


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