Holders of a Pilots Licence can fly a light aeroplane in daylight hours but you should consider upgrading your PPL or LAPL to include a Night Rating allowing you to fly after sunset (quite useful when flying during the winter months). The holder of a night rating is able to fly with passengers within the UK during the hours of darkness


Night Rating training is available at Leicester on Tuesdays and Thursday until 8 pm between October and March, as sunset permits.

The course comprises of:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction
  • 5 hours flight time in aircraft at night including,
  • 3 hours dual instruction
  • 1  hour of cross-country navigation (27 nm)
  • 5 solo takeoffs and full stop landings

There is a small amount of theoretical knowledge training but there is no exam!

Course Prices

Cessna 152:     £1,094.50

PA28 or Cessna 172:     £1,237.50

Training in own aircraft:      £385

If not already a Leicestershire Aero Club member then a monthly membership fee of £44.00 is incurred while training.

This does not include the CAA fee to add the rating onto your licence (currently £121).

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