Holders of a Pilots Licence can fly a light aeroplane in daylight hours in reasonably good weather. To get the most value from your investment, however, you should consider upgrading your PPL to include ratings that allow you to fly in less favourable weather conditions – known as Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). If you hold a LAPL then you would first need to convert to a full PPL to qualify for an IR(R).

At Leicestershire Aero Club, all of our training is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and combines both practical flight training and the theoretical knowledge required to fly light aeroplanes within the UK and Europe. You can use your own aircraft with our instructors (rates differ).


Applicants must have at least 25 hours experience since the date of application for their PPL with at least 10 hours as pilot-in-command and 5 hours of cross-country flight.

Training for the IR(R) will consist of

  • 15 hours flying
  • Minimum 10 hours with sole reference to instruments
  • Written examination
  • Flight skills test

IR(R) Privileges

An instrument meteorological conditions rating (aeroplanes) entitles the holder of the licence to act as pilot in command or co-pilot of an aeroplane flying under the Instrument Flight Rules except:
(a) in Class A airspace; or
(b) When the aeroplane is taking off or landing at any place if the flight visibility below cloud is less than 1,500 metres.

The rating is valid for 25 months and is revalidated by a proficiency check.


C-152 Course Price: £3,283.50

C-152 Hourly Rate: £218.90

PA-28/C-172 Course Price:  £3,712.50

PA-28/C-172 Hourly Rate: £247.50

Instructor only (own aircraft) price: £1,155

Additional Costs:

Test Fee:  £143 plus the flight time.

If not already a Leicestershire Aero Club member then a monthly membership fee of £44.00 is incurred while training.

The course does not include the CAA fee to add the rating onto your licence (currently £121).

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