Aerobatics are an excellent way to improve your handling skills and increase your confidence in your ability to control the aircraft. The training is carried out in our Super Decathlon or one of our Cessna 152 Aerobats. You may add your Part FCL aerobatic rating to your existing PPL or LAPL licence.


The course consists of

  • Minimum  8 hours dual flight time
  • Minimum 8 hours ground briefings and lectures

A flight competency test must be completed after training. This will be organised for you and taken at Leicester with our AOPA qualified aerobatics instructors.


Cessna 152 –  £1,912
Super Decathlon – £2,440

Additional hours above the minimum 8 will incur additional costs. We currently charge £40.00 an hour for ground school.

Cessna 152 dual rate – £199.00 per hour.

Super Decathlon dual rate – £265.00 per hour.

Aircraft rental for test not included in course prices.

If not already a Leicestershire Aero Club member then a monthly membership fee of £42.00 is incurred while training.

The course does not include the CAA fee to add the rating onto your licence (currently £121).

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