This course is primarily aimed at those pilots intending to fly professionally. As of December 2019, a UPRT certificate is mandated for the issue of an ATPL by the UK CAA. However, the course is also a great solution for pilots with PPL licences who are asking “what’s next?” The answers have always been a Night Rating or maybe even the Instrument Rating (Restricted). Well why not UPRT? Here is how we think it’s beneficial; the course is largely focused on what do in the event of an upset recovery or in simple terms an unfamiliar attitude.

UPRT can be seen as the brother to aerobatics. Rather than flying manoeuvres and figures accurately and in a controlled manner, UPRT builds on the pilot’s core skills which were learnt during the early hours of the PPL – recognising the stall and recovering from it.

The sudden situation of an unfamiliar attitude is a big shock to many pilots. The UPRT teaches an array of disciplines covering how to recover safely from such events as well as avoiding them in the first place. In doing so, the course will greatly improve your general handing, stalling and spin awareness. Another benefit is the challenge of flying and handling a tailwheel aircraft whilst also adding a new type to the log book. Overall, it provides a brilliant opportunity for pilots to try a different discipline within aviation.


Course Breakdown;

  • 3 hours flying
  • 5 hours ground school (can be done remotely via video call)

Ground school can be completed in a day either in person or via zoom. All flying can be completed in a day and a student guide beforehand in order to allow private study and to maximise flight time. Instruction is given by instructors with previous commercial and military flying. Leicester’s 3 paved runways and open surrounding airspace reduce weather delays and minimise transit time.

On completion the student is issued with a course completion certificate in accordance with EASA FCL.745.


Course cost – £1485 (May 2024)