Leicestershire Aero Club welcomes visiting pilots all year round, with 3 hard and 2 grass runways and lighting on our main runway 10/28 and taxiways.

All helicopter movements are handled by Helicentre Aviation. Please contact them on 0116 2590186.


PPR: Please PPR via phone on 0116 2592360, or by radio from 10 miles out.

Radio: Air/Ground Only – ‘Leicester Radio’ – 122.130 Mhz

NDB: ‘LE’ – 383.500 Mhz

Altitude: 469 ft (17 hPa)

10/28 (Asphalt) 935m x 20m
15/33 (Asphalt) 495m x 18m
04/22 (Asphalt) 490m x 18m
16/34 (Grass) 418m x 20m
06/24 (Grass) 340m x 30m

10/28 (Grass) is unlicensed. Use at your own risk with extra consideration to rotary traffic.

Circuit Height: Fixed wing traffic at 1,000 ft QFE, rotary traffic at 700 ft QFE

Circuit Directions:
10, 33, 22, 34, 24 – Left Hand Fixed Wing, Right Hand Rotary
28, 15, 04, 16, 06 – Right Hand Fixed Wing, Left Hand Rotary

Joining Instructions: Standard overhead joins preferred. Do not fly below 1,200 ft QFE on the dead side to maintain separation from rotary traffic.

Operating Hours: Every day 09:00 to 17:00 with late flying on Tuesday & Thursday until 20:00 (local times) and includes Wednesday in the summer months.

Parking: After landing, follow taxiways to the rear of the tower. Push back on any of the hardstandings to the rear and left of the fuel farm. Grass areas are pitted and not suitable for taxying.

Fuel: AvGas 100LL is available self-service (visit reception for a key), or assisted by fire crew at weekends. Jet A1 is available for all aircraft from Helicentre.


Latest aerodrome charts are available from NATS here.

Please read our Noise Abatement page before flying in or out of the airfield.

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