Do I have to become a member of Leicester Aero Club to learn to fly from there?

Yes – The Leicestershire Aero Club is operated as a private members club.

A full year membership currently costs £380. Part-year prices are available from Reception.

Membership brings many more benefits than just unlimited free landings.

Do I need my own plane to learn to fly?

No, we have a fleet of club aircraft available to members. You will train in these aircraft and can then rent them once you have your licence.

How far is Leicester airport from the city?

3 miles, not far off the A6 near Stoughton.

How much does it cost to learn to fly?

To obtain a Light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL) costs approximately £6,770. This includes 30 hours flying, 9 ground exam fees, 12 months membership to the club, your joining fee and all basic equipment required to complete the course. Please see our LAPL & PPL comparison page here.

Do I need any other qualifications?

No other qualifications are required, but an aviation medical certificate is required to prove that you are fit enough to fly.

What can I do once I get my licence?

The licence will entitle you to fly in fair weather during daylight.  Pilots can progress to obtain a night rating, instrument rating, aerobatic rating, commercial pilot license, flying instructor license etc.  These are also available from Leicester Airport.

How much paperwork is involved in obtaining a flying licence?

There are 9 written exams, followed by an RT (radio) exam and practical test. These are within the capability of most students and help is offered by Instructors.

How long will it take me to pass?

A student has to complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight training before taking a skills test.  Your ability to learn and the length of time your training spans may affect the total time.

Are there any age restrictions on flying?

Flying hours can be logged from the age of 14, first solo flight from the age of 16 and a full PPL license from the age of 17. The minimum age for passengers in club aircraft is 12 for insurance purposes.

I want to buy a flying voucher for a relative who is under 16 - is that possible?

Yes, an unaccompanied person may fly from the age of 12.

Does the club organise any social functions?

The bar is open some evenings and is often busy at the weekend. We also have larger, organised events which will be published on the website. Leicestershire Aero Club is a private members club and most events will remain closed to the public.

How far in advance will i need to book my flying lesson?

Week days only require 2/3 days advance notice but weekends require 2/3 weeks as they are the most popular time for bookings.

How many members does the club have?

Leicestershire Aero Club currently has 463 members.

How safe is flying from the airport?

Leicestershire Aero Club is one of the safest flying clubs in the country with an excellent safety record.

Is there a waiting list to join?

No – at the moment you can join straight away.

If you have any other questions about flying from Leicester Airport, flying vouchers, flying lessons, flying experiences or becoming a member of Leicestershire Aero Club, please call us on 0116 259 2360, or e-mail

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