Leicestershire Aero Club offers the AOPA Flying Companions Certificate Course which has been designed to increase the enjoyment, participation and confidence in flying for those who regularly accompany private pilots. This includes the safe recovery and landing at an appropriate airfield as a result of a simulated emergency.

Satisfactory completion of the course will enable the candidate to obtain the Flying Companions Certificate.

The course consists of a minimum of eight hours dual flying with a qualified Flight Instructor conducted within a period of 12 months. This would normally be undertaken in the type of aircraft regularly flown with the student taking control from the appropriate passenger seat.

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

  • Air Law
  • Principles of Flight
  • Human Performance & Limitations

Flight Training

  • Effects of controls
  • Making use of instruments
  • Aircraft systems that need to be monitored
  • Use of the radio and transponder
  • How circuits are flown at an airfield
  • Understand the aeronautical map
  • How to use the Emergency Services

Flight Exercises

  • Cockpit familiarisation
  • Use of radio
  • Using controls in flight
  • Flying straight and Level
  • Climb, descend and turn
  • Make a safe landing
  • Reading an aeronautical map in the air
  • A simulated emergency

The Cost

The price based on a Cessna 152 Including:

  • 8 Hours flying with an instructor
  • 10 Hours ground school
  • Monthly Club Membership
  • AOPA Flying Companions Certificate

Is: £1,285

 Price for PA 28, Cessna 172 or own aircraft is available on request.

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