Aircraft: Cessna 152 (2 seats)

Flight time: 30 minutes

Price: £145

How about a more exciting experience? A 30 minute flight in a Cessna 152 Aerobat capable of +6g / -3g aerobatic manoeuvres which can include loops, rolls, spins, stall turns and different combinations of these. Settle down, belt up, relax and look forward to a thrilling half hour, climbing to a suitable height and then gently starting your loops, rolls and turns. If feeling good and adventurous, start the more complicated combinations. If satisfied with just a few manoeuvres, spend the remaining time with hands-on control. It’s an experience you will not forget!

Allow 1 hour for this experience. Friends and family may take photos at the aircraft and then watch from the club cafe or balcony which have excellent views over the runways.

You can purchase this experience by clicking the link below. Once paid we will send you a voucher which you will receive within a few working days. When you have your voucher you can contact the club on 0116 259 2360 to book your flight. If you are in hurry, you can call and book as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Please note that weekends fill up quickly so a wait of 2-3 weeks is not unusual during busy times. Midweek availability is usually good. Please book early for a special occasion to avoid disappointment.

Total Price: £145.00

Before booking please read the Terms & Conditions

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